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LINK TRANSLATION BUREAU LIMITED has been providing translation and interpreting services since the late 1980s and we became a limited company in 1994. Our constant care and attention to quality and our endeavours to meet our clients requirements has enabled us to expand our business over the years. We provide a personal service to our clients which we find is very much appreciated. Clients regularly call in and visit us in our offices.

We provide translations from English and into English for European patent attorneys, solicitors, Government bodies, the National Health Service, major European and Worldwide companies in all subjects including legal, technical (all engineering fields), medical, patent, chemical and pharmaceutical matters, {see Our Specialist Areas}. Our team of professional mother-tongue translators can provide quality translations of webpages choosing the appropriate terminology for the target readers.

Over the years we have been able to assist local city councils with their negotiations and promotions with other councils throughout Europe. We have also translated speeches phonetically to enable their members to read these out at various functions with visiting dignitaries.

We work on a regular basis for companies involved in the bio-chemical and pharmaceutical industries and for companies specialising in dentistry and orthopaedics. Amongst other EU companies, a major German company manufacturing catering conveyor systems, transportation and storage systems and medical technology entrusts us with the translation of their product brochures and exhibition material.

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