Competitive Rates

We are not encumbered with high operating costs. Our rates are very competitive and always negotiable and vary depending on the language you require, the subject matter, the volume and the urgency involved.

Need a Quotation?

In order to be able to provide you with a firm quotation we will need to see the whole document and the quotation will be based on language, subject matter, urgency and an estimated word count.

Alternatively, we will provide you with a rate per 1000 words based on sample pages of the text and consideration of your deadlines.

Please bear in mind that there is often an expansion factor when translating from one language to another, a term which can be one word in English can culminate in 8 words in the target language and vice versa, depending upon the languages involved. For example, the wordcount of a German document is likely to be 30% lower than the wordcount of the same text in English.

The wordcount of a Spanish document could be 15-20% higher than the wordcount of the same text in English. This is particularly important when trying to drop translations into specific layouts and sometimes can only be achieved by reducing the font size or amount of unused space.

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