Interpreting Services

Our clients regularly use our professional interpreters in the courts, for social services matters, for medical and legal consultations, during visits to HM prisons, at business meetings and at conferences etc. We can supply DPSI qualified interpreters for court interpreting.

Different interpreting services are available and if you are not sure which service you require, please contact us and we will discuss your requirements.

Consecutive or Ad Hoc Interpreting

The interpreter sits at the same table as the discussion group or on the speaker’s platform or can accompany a small number of people on a tour of a factory or event etc. The interpreter interprets into the target language at the end of short sections of speech by the speaker – the speaker pauses while the interpreter translates verbally for the other participants. The length of individual sections of speech will vary and the interpreter may make notes.

Simultaneous or Conference Interpreting

The interpreter sits in a booth and uses a microphone to interpret into the target language for listeners in the hall who are provided with headphones. This is a strenuous exercise for the interpreter and industry standards demand that at least two interpreters would be involved, each interpreter working for 20 minute periods.

Conference Calls

Modern technology now means that meetings can take place across different locations and we can provide an interpreter to assist you in this.

Telephone Calls

Sometimes just a quick telephone call to an office abroad can save you hours of time – just provide us with the details and we will make the call and report back to you.