Legal Translations


In addition to our services translating patents and associated documents relating to intellectual property and trademarks, the translation of legal documents plays a major role in our business. Our team of professional translators have the experience and expertise in matters of criminal, civil, commercial and company law and we regularly translate Certificates of Incorporation, Memoranda of Association, Conditions of Sale, Terms of Business, Company Constitutions and Financial Balance Sheets, not to mention other documents relating to all insurance matters. We transcribe and translate witness statements for the courts, solicitors, social services and psychologists.

Certified Translations - sometimes referred to as ‘verified?or ‘declared translations?/dt>
We can provide certified translations of all documents, especially birth and marriage certificates, passports, divorce papers, educational certificates and all legal documents for use in official purposes. The translator signs a declaration certificate on Link Translation Bureau Limited letterhead paper stating that he/she is a competent translator from one language to the other and further declares that he/she is the translator of the documents and that the translation is true and accurate to the best of his/her knowledge and belief. The documents and translations are attached to the signed certificate and stamped.
Notarised Translations
If you require a notarised translation, the translator will personally appear before a Notary Public in order to swear that he/she is a professionally qualified translator and that the translation is true and accurate to the best of his/her knowledge and belief. The Notary Public will stamp each page, bind and seal the document. Charges vary depending upon the fees of the Notary Public.
Thinking of getting married abroad?
It is becoming increasingly popular to marry abroad these days and to comply with the specific legal requirements issued by the relevant country or your travel agents we provide certified translations from English into the appropriate language of all the necessary paperwork. e.g. birth certificates, decrees nisi and decrees absolute, declarations of no legal impediment, affidavits, statutory declarations and change of name deeds etc. Of course, we can then translate your marriage certificate into English when you return to the U.K.


We distinguish between the two main types of approach

TAKE CARE! ?Computer Generated Translation ?Often found on the web as a Free Translation Service

At the present level of software development, computer-generated translations can be inaccurate and inadequate and also very confusing to the reader. The computer-generated translation may be sufficient to tell you if you need to have your text translated by a professional translator but it will not provide a reliable translation: many words in English have more than one meaning and the computer cannot provide the relevant terminology based on the context; the computer will provide a literal translation and will not pick up a meaning which is implied or intended by the writer; this could result in serious consequences. In short, a computer-generated translation of text could at best put a smile on the reader’s face and at worst could cause a great deal of misunderstanding or even offence and could cost you money.

You can rest assured that if you have your documents translated professionally by us, you will have our guarantee that our team of translators will provide a high quality translation fit for purpose.

RECOMMENDED - Computer Aided Translation ensures Standardisation and Consistency

For clients who have not availed themselves of the advantages of this system and who need frequent or high volumes of translation we can offer the use of SDL TRADOS Translation Memory. SDL is the leader in Global Information Management (GIM) technology solutions. Through our partnership with SDL, Link Translation Bureau Limited offers clients the benefits of services streamlined by best practices utilization of advanced translation technology, enabling us to help our clients accelerate the delivery of high quality localized content to global markets.

By using SDL TRADOS translation memory to incorporate your specialist in-house terminology and specialist vocabulary, a uniform, customised translation is guaranteed. You can supply your own translation memories based on your previous translations, which reduces costs, or we can build up memories for you as part of the translation process.